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I thought you were friends only already?

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I am, but I didn't have a banner :D

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Ah! Now I see. :P
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Niiiiiceee banner. :D

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thank you :D

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this koala = your fwiend :3

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:D of course :D

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Is that Brennan and Booth?!?!

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I just wish they'd make out already. Then again.. I don't. *sigh*

I miss Zac. He really added something to the show.

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Yeah, I want them to make out but still I don't.. it'd change things... at least for Booth :P Brennan is so calm I don't think it'll affect her much :D

... and yeah, I miss Zac too... but I was really glad with last nights Bones, 'cause it felt like old Bones again. The first three shows of this season were a little bit off in my opinion

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I'm giving most of my shows until mid-season to recover from the crap surrounding the writer's strike. I did enjoy last night's episode. Well, I had to stop it. I was eating chili. Heh. Then we went back to it after I was done eating. Such an 'eww factor' with the *O*possum scene!

Oh so cute

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I love that show, Bones. Very nice header :)

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Um, hello :D I was going to add you because you're Icelandic (and that is AWESOME :D) but then noticed you have Jack/Ianto love thingees! <333

Add? ^^;

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Aaah... Jack/Ianto. I love those two dearly :D

Yes! Add! :D

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Hi, I'm Joe. I write about health mostly. Welcome to my journal too!

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Hi there! *waves* We are both members over at [ profile] saucydwellings and I was oogling this post and your Cas icon made me go all squidgy inside. So I headed on over here and saw RDJ staring at me and your massive list of J2 fic and concluded that we really need to be friends :D

(long comment is long)

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Oh! Yay! New friend! :D *adds back* You'll have to excuse my lack of posting for a few weeks, I'm finishing my masters dissertation which I will hand in on the 26th :P Until then I won't be a lot here but after that I will start posting again :P

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it's all good, my tumblr usually distracts me from my lj. i'm terribly un-entertaining. a masters dissertation is a much better reason for being absent though, i must say :D

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Hehe, yeah... I must admit my tumblr distracts me too - what's yours? I usually just give me time to write some short comments there. I do miss writing longer posts though and I will start doing that again when the dissertation has been finished :P

I'm sharkinasponge on tumblr :P

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i'm helterskeletor :)