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So.. these are the fics I've got bookmarked. I haven't read it all though, I often open loads of tabs and then when turning off the computer just bookmark the story :P

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When I was a silly teenager I loathed and HATED Take That with all my might. When Robbie Williams split, I was very gleeful and when then Take That split I jumped for joy.

... Don't ask me why this mattered to me so much. I did know all their names and I found them all EXTREMELY cute, but I HATE AND LOATHED their music (and I would never admit I found them cute).

When "Back For Good" came out, I was so incredibly embarrassed that I actually found the song ok... so I did the mature thing and loathed it publicly. But I did admit to like their version of "How Deep is Your Love".

When they began again a few years back I did laugh at the irony that a few girls actually committed suicide when they split back in the day. But I genuinely like their new albums. And I find them 10 times more handsome now than I did back in the day.

Why am I writing about this now?

Well, I've got Magic on and they have some program going on "Robbie & Take That - Their story so far". Probably to celebrate the fact that Robbie has joined Take That again (I remember loving him from the get go when he quit... just because he quit, I think.. also he was a friend of Liam and Noel Gallager (I still do find Robbie quite awesome)).

Anyways, "How Deep is Your Love" was just on and day-um. They looked VERY VERY fine.

And to celebrate their beautiful-ness here are pictures (even though Mark's hair is quite ridiculous in some of them teehee):

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And ... *snickers* )

Youtube is being weird about How Deep is Your Love video, so here is link:

This video is recorded in Iceland :P

also LOVE this song (embedding not available)


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